With the motto of developing business with the community, Madam Viet not only focuses on our own business but also facilitates everyone to do business. If you are a tourist guide, or you have a relationship with a foreigner, you are looking forward to doing business or earning extra income, Madam Viet always extends the opportunity to cooperate with you. As long as you are willing to develop and expand the market with Madam Viet, we always create the best opportunity for you.

    Collaborator policy.

    1. Participants
      1. Being a Vietnamese citizen aged 18 and over, living in Vietnam, operating in the tourism sector for foreigners, or having a relationship with foreigners.
      2. Being a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner living and working in Vietnam, having a relationship with a foreigner.
      3. Being a foreigner living in a foreign country, operating in the field of tourism and participating in tours for foreign visitors to Vietnam.
      4. Being a Vietnamese citizen capable of selling goods to foreigners.
    2. Price policy for collaborator
      1. Collaborator can buy Madam Viet's products at high discount rates (Madam Viet will contact directly to the collaborator).
      2. Collaborator is entitled to resell to final customers at a price not higher than Madam Viet's listed price.
      3. Listed price is the final retail price of Madam Viet. Collaborator is not allowed to sell prices above the list price.
    3. The relationship between Madam Viet and Collaborator
      1. Collaborator is a business partner with Madam Viet, not a salesperson of Madam Viet.
      2. Madam Viet is not a multi-level selling company. Therefore, the collaborators are not distributors or members in the multi-level network.
      3. Collaborator does not have to pay any cost or money when participating in business partnership with Madam Viet.
      4. In addition to the discounted price sold by Madam Viet to Collaborator, Madam Viet does not have any other commissions and bonuses.
      5. Between Madam Viet and Collaborator there is no business binding contract. Collaborator or Madam Viet has the right to terminate the cooperation at any time without prior notice to the other party.
      6. When terminating the role of cooperation, Collaborator or Madam Viet does not need to pay damages or pay any expenses to the other party.
      7. All activities of Collaborator are decided by Collaborator, Madam Viet does not intervene nor is responsible for any Collaborator sales activities.
      8. Collaborator must be responsible before the law if Collaborator has illegal acts of Vietnam, Madam Viet is not responsible for nor participates in resolving any illegal acts of Collaborator.
    4. Copyright policy
      1. Collaborator is entitled to use images, logos, banners, slogans, content, press publications, magazines, videos and materials provided by Madam Viet on website for the purpose of business. Your business does not encounter any constraints.
      2. Only Collaborator (while in cooperation with Madam Viet) and individuals and organizations allowed by Madam Viet are allowed to use images, logos, banners, slogans, content, press publications, magazines, videos, documents of Madam Viet. Any act of copying or using Madam Viet's materials and images without the permission of Madam Viet violates copyright laws of Vietnamese law.
      3. Madam Viet has the rights to use Madam Viet's products related pictures which are provided from collaborators to promote Madam Viet's brand on websites, newspapers, magazines ...
    5. Privacy Policy
      1. Madam Viet commits not to share, trade or provide Collaborator's personal information to any third party.
      2. All personal information provided by Collaborator to Madam Viet will be carefully stored in Madam Viet's Collaborator archives list.
      3. Madam Viet does not accept the storage of bank account numbers, deposit accounts or any other monetary accounts of Collaborator.

    Madam Viet's rights to become a Collaborator

    1. Buy products at attractive discount prices and resell them to customers at the listed retail price.
    2. Access to Madam Viet's contents, photos and videos without copyright problems.
    3. Provided with the latest information on Madam Viet's Collaborators policy.
    4. To participate in activities organized by Madam Viet.
    5. Participate in special promotions for Collaborator organized by Madam Viet.
    6. Provided special login account for Collaborator only.

    If you want to cooperate with Madam Viet to increase your income, please do not hesitate to register Collaborator information with us: Click here to submit your Collaborator registration information.

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