7 great uses that lotus seeds bring

Lotus seeds are not only delicious, they are also a medicinal spirit that helps sedate, treat insomnia and is a raw material for smooth and long-lasting women's skin . Here are 7 wonderful uses of lotus seeds. Treat insomnia Lotus seeds are known as an effective insomnia treatment. Inside lotus...

7 great uses that lotus seeds bring

Lotus seeds are not only delicious, they are also a medicinal spirit that helps sedate, treat insomnia and is a raw material for smooth and long-lasting women's skin . Here are 7 wonderful uses of lotus seeds.

Treat insomnia

Lotus seeds are known as an effective insomnia treatment. Inside lotus seed contains a lot of glucose and alkali, has sedative effects, reduces stress effectively, is a factor to help sleep. Moreover, lotus heart has a bitter taste but effective dose of insomnia. People often use lotus heart to drink tea to treat insomnia .

Treat headache

According to Oriental medicine, lotus seeds are sweet, sweet, peaceful, good for sedation. According to research of modern science, inside lotus seeds contain many protit, gluxit, Vitamin B, C have sedative effects, reduce headache, especially very effective headaches .

Compensation for pregnant women and their babies

Pregnant women need nutrition for both mother and child. Lotus seeds are one of the safest, most active, nutritious food sources that pregnant women. 100g of fresh lotus provides up to 162g calories, 30g of glucose, 9.5g of protit and a series of vitamins A, C, ... helps to prevent pregnancy, preventing miscarriage;at the same time helps stimulate fetal brain development.

Help skin smooth, ruddy

Lotus seeds contain a lot of phosphorus, glucose, lipids, calcium and vitamins of groups B, C and E. These are extremely good nutrients for skin. Lotus seeds also contain an enzyme called L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase that helps to repair skin lesions, making skin healthier and more beautiful.

Treat anemia

Lotus seeds are one of the natural foods that help treat anemia effectively. Women are the easiest to suffer from anemia. Therefore, women should use lotus seeds every day to avoid anemia during menstruation or after birth.

Diarrhea treatment

People with long-term diarrhea can use the following method to treat diarrhea. It is taking dried lotus seeds, or dried lotus seeds, mixed with plain rice, powdered canopy and daily use when hungry will help treat diarrhea very well.

Against aging

The L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase enzyme found in lotus seeds has a very good anti-aging effect.Therefore, many cosmetic companies have sought to extract this substance from lotus seeds to include anti-aging cosmetic products.

You have just learned about the use of lotus seeds for human health. Madam Viet has researched, selected and marketed high quality gift products, including lotus seeds. All materials are sourced in Vietnam, combined with production technology according to international standards HACCP / ISO 22000, ensuring absolute safety for consumers. This will be a meaningful gift for you to buy for your loved ones after interesting trips in Vietnam.

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